Why Should I Choose PWB as My Exempt Market Dealer?

First and foremost, Pinnacle Wealth Brokers wants financial advisors to work with and recommend them because of their values and their vision. Pinnacle Wealth Brokers will always work in a manner that aligns with their values as a company. Now that you know about their approach in the industry, the next fundamental basis of their business model is research and compliance. When you think about what makes any financial services organization successful, it comes down to doing these two things very well.

  1. Research; sometimes called “due diligence”, allows Pinnacle Wealth Brokers to validate and screen the opportunities they offer so they have a high degree of probability to achieve the returns they project. By having the best research team in the country, they can provide opportunities that adhere to a higher degree of scrutiny than other private investment dealers. Well-researched products mean better than average returns and that translates into a growing business.
  2. Compliance is a primary focus of Pinnacle Wealth Brokers. The laws that govern the industry help representatives do what’s best for their investors, but the laws can be complex, and as a result, very time-consuming to understand inside and out. Pinnacle Wealth Brokers endeavors to build the strongest compliance team in Canada to support and help their representatives navigate the complex legal structure of the industry. Representatives can focus on giving sound advice on wealth management while Pinnacle Wealth Brokers will make sure that the offering is always in-line with regulations.
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