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 More about the National Exempt Market Association: Originally named the Western Exempt Market Association, our association was founded in 2011 by a number of key participants in the exempt market securities industry, who saw a need for a collective voice to preserve the flexibility and unique culture of the Canadian capita markets and the exempt market in general. Our association grew to include national representation, and so we changed our name to the National Exempt Market Association in 2013 to better reflect our mandate and membership base, as we are now the largest exempt market association in Canada. Our mandate is to continue to be active in the growth of the exempt market’s public profile and the improvement of the efficiency and integrity of the private capital markets. We look forward to continuing to develop a practical regulatory framework that fosters development of the exempt market by allowing entrepreneurs to efficiently raise capital and investors to participate in a broader range of investment options while being adequately protected.

Exempt Education

Exempt Education is the industry’s newest site. Pinnacle was one of the Founders of Canada’s National Exempt Market Association, and today, we are still heavily involved. For more information, visit


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