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With the “Deflategate” scandal surrounding the NE Patriots now in the rear view mirror after a stunning Super Bowl victory, the accusations that underinflated balls were used in the AFC Championship game have settled. Now a different kind of deflation, that of a downward pressure on prices, is becoming more persistent in the minds of the media and economists alike, and impacting financial markets around the world, particularly in Europe.


Infographic: Due Diligence

Not every investment is equal – each opportunity must be thoroughly researched. This infographic gives an overview of Pinnacle’s due diligence process, our product shelf and the rigour that goes into assessing each and every opportunity.

Infographic: Pension Funds

The success of Canada’s pension funds have received global attention. Which ones are the most profitable,and how can financial advisors replicate their approach to asset management?

Infographic: The Career of a Pinnacle Representative

From pharmacists to ski instructors, our representatives have an incredible range of backgrounds and skill sets. Take a look at our latest infographic and how these experiences that have ultimately led our talented representatives to an enriching career at Pinnacle.


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