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Public Investments

Public Investments Through Pinnacle Asset Management

Pinnacle Asset Management (PAM) offers an easy portfolio management experience that marries both the public and private investments with a disciplined approach.

As a premier discretionary portfolio manager, PAM offers curated investment mandates suited for today’s global economic environment. Our portfolio management team watches the daily details so that you can pay attention to what matters most to you.

Client Focused

Tactically Managed

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Our Disciplined Process

Pinnacle Asset Management’s highest priority is to seek risk adjusted returns and grow client wealth. To achieve this goal: 

  1. Thorough research and analysis is undertaken to examine the broader market and select prudent areas for investment.
  2. A top-down investment process is used with macro-economic and fundamental indicators utilized to identify the stage of the economic cycle and gauge the overall health of the economy.
  3. Research begins on investigating investments that are positioned to perform well under the current market environment, as well as exploring complementary investments to increase portfolio diversification and reduce overall portfolio risk.
  4. Five individual investments are selected to fill each of the portfolio mandates which are then given a final review by Pinnacle’s Investment Committee (PIC).
  5. Market conditions and portfolio performance are then continuously observed with quarterly PIC meetings.

Portfolio Mandates - Curated for Investors

Pinnacle Asset Management uses Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) to select investments in order to maximize their overall returns with an appropriate level of risk. This is achieved by researching and investing in diversified investments. MPT allows the portfolio to adjust for perceived market risk by selectively allocating capita to lower risk assets. Below are the four types of portfolio mandates offered.


  • Focused on producing a consistent level of income from sources including interest, dividends, and realized capital gains
  • Takes on only a limited amount of risk
  • Appropriate for investors seeking capital preservation and low volatility, but still seek portfolio appreciation at levels of inflation or better
  • Targeted Equity to Fixed Income ratio for portfolio 1:2


  • Focused on producing returns through a blend of fixed income and equity holdings including bond coupon payments, equity dividends, and stock price appreciation
  • Appropriate for investors seeking returns from a balance of income and capital appreciation
  • Targeted Equity to Fixed Income ratio for portfolio of 2:1

Enhanced Dividend

  • Focused on producing a higher portfolio yield through seeking out and selecting high-yield investments with diversified sources of dividends and income
  • Appropriate for investors searching for a high-yield, dividend focused portfolio.
  • Targeted Equity to Fixed income ratio for portfolio of 4:1


  • An equity-focused portfolio that targets long-term growth and higher returns, through stock price appreciation
  • Has a higher level of risk
  • Appropriate for long-term investors who have the risk tolerance and time horizon to absorb market downturns and higher levels of volatility
  • Targeted Equity to Fixed income exposure of 7:1

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