Why Should I Invest with PWB?

Here are the top three reasons why Pinnacle Wealth Brokers’ investment opportunities are attractive to the end investor:

  1. Pinnacle Wealth Brokers does not own or favour its own financial products. That means they are unbiased and impartial to the products selected by the financial advisors representing their products.
  2. Pinnacle Wealth Brokers gives their financial representatives the freedom to make the right decisions for their clients. They are not restricted to particular offerings or a specific financial investment approach. This means the opportunities to invest are to be tailored to the investor rather than a certain ideology that Pinnacle has as a dealer.
  3. Pinnacle Wealth Brokers continues to grow and be a formidable presence in the private investment and wealth management industry. This is very important because it allows them to positively influence and shape the industry to protect investors. It is also important because it gives Pinnacle more bargaining power with issuers to be transparent. Influence also allows Pinnacle to work with the issuers to structure more attractive opportunities to the end investor.
Private Offerings
  1. Income – an investment that generates an annual, quarterly, or monthly distribution
  2. Income & Growth – an investment that combines both income and growth, generating ongoing distributions and a capital appreciation at term
  3. Growth – an investment that aims for capital appreciation over the term of the investment
  4. Tax Advantaged – an investment that provides tax deductions and/or credits; in some cases, taking advantage of government incentives


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