How Do You Research Private Investment Opportunities?

Pinnacle Wealth Brokers has become very strict when it comes to the research process, because it ensures the greatest number of positive outcomes possible for investors. All these steps are necessary and time intensive. With a rigorous due diligence (research) process, everyone can see the full potential of the funds to be invested.

There are five steps to the process:
  1. OM and Survey
    The research team reviews the offering memorandum and administers a 180-question survey to clarify all components of the offering.
  2. Research
    The research arm of Pinnacle embarks on a research strategy that does an intensive review of the business model, the competency and experience of the leadership team, and the potential return on investment. A detailed risk assessment profile is developed as part of the comprehensive written report. On site visits are conducted for new issuers.
  3. Committee Review
    The report goes to the Pinnacle Investment Review Committee. A list of questions is sent back to the issuers.
  4. Final Review
    A third review is done. The responses to the committee questions are reviewed and there is a final look at accountability factors such as business plan, term, and fit.
  5. Audit Schedule
    All issuers that are approved must sign an agreement for regular business reviews. An audit schedule is created and executed.

Though the Pinnacle Wealth Brokers’ due diligence process is heavy up-front, they also do research and reviews of products on an ongoing basis. This lets us know if the business is on the right track to achieve established financial goals.

PWB’s dedicated due diligence team has analyzed over 200 offerings that have come to find capital in the private markets. Their team of accredited professionals has experience analyzing companies in over ten different sectors using an interdisciplinary approach. Their review process is among the most rigorous in the industry.


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