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Pinnacle vous aide à comprendre les options de placement qui s’offrent à vous et à déterminer si la diversification dans des placements privés vous convient.

Lorsque nous prenons des décisions, nous prenons soigneusement en considération nos principes fondamentaux et nous nous efforçons d’aligner nos intérêts sur ceux de nos investisseurs.

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Diversification, expérience et recherche

Nous comprenons qu’il peut être difficile d’identifier les opportunités d’investissement et d’évaluer vous-même les meilleures options.

Pinnacle Wealth Brokers a examiné des centaines d'offres privées. Vous pouvez ainsi tirer parti de l'expérience de notre équipe et faire le choix le plus approprié pour votre situation financière.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous nos offres de placement actuelles, en date d’octobre 2018.

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Nos offres actuelles:


Avenue Living Agricultural Land Trust

Avenue Living Agricultural Land Trust investit indirectement, par l’intermédiaire de la Société en commandite Avenue Living Agricultural Land, dans l’agriculture canadienne, principalement en Saskatchewan, et cherche à obtenir un rendement des revenus tirés de la location et de l’appréciation de la valeur du terrain.


Bow Water & Land Trust

Bow Water & Land Trust is an investment opportunity managed by Durum Capital Inc.(Durum).

Durum is a private real estate company based in Calgary, Alberta. Founded in 2012, Durum owns, manages and operates a portfolio of industrial and development properties. Since inception, Durum’s equity growth represents a total return on invested capital of 163% or an annualized return of approximately 30% per year.

What Is Bow Water & Land?

Bow Water & Land is an investment opportunity involving two distinct assets— the first being 298.5 acres of farmland located 6.4 kilometers west of the City of Calgary. The second asset is a prospective water allocation for up to 1,200 acre feet of water per year which is enough to service approximately 3,500 homes or 10,000 people annually. The prospective water allocation is nearly 10 times larger than the required amount for any future development of the land.

Bordering 1.6 kilometers of the Trans-Canada Highway and adjacent to Calaway Park, a popular amusement park near the City of Calgary, the Lands provide strategic long-term development potential as the City of Calgary and the surrounding communities continue to grow. Our land development project plan seeks to add value to the lands by addressing the four key components of the development planning phase, prior to any deep servicing costs. These key components include water access and treatment; wastewater treatment and disposal; road access; and land use designation & subdivision.


DURUM Industrial REIT

Our approach is simple and always in motion; Durum, as the Manager, has a history of acquiring distressed assets and rehabilitating properties to generate cash flows which historically translate into capital appreciation. With the introduction of Durum Industrial REIT, Durum is welcoming external investment to share in the income produced through real estate investments without individuals buying or financing the properties themselves. Durum Industrial REIT has been formed with the objective of maximizing value for unit holders through the acquisition and operation of a portfolio of industrial properties. Through refinancing efforts, strategic acquisitions, and quality teams. Durum Industrial REIT intends to pay quarterly distributions while also creating potential for long term capital growth.


ICM Property Partners Trust

ICM Property Partners Trust vise à préserver le capital, à générer du revenu et à atteindre une forte croissance grâce à des allocations tactiques et diversifiées aux opportunités immobilières exclusives sur des marchés nord-américains de qualité supérieure.


Invico Diversified Income Fund (IDIF)

The Invico Diversified Income Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of high yield lending and investment opportunities. This uniquely structured portfolio encompasses active professional management and focuses on generating income through high- yield lending strategies, energy working interest and royalties. The target preferred return ranges from 8% to 10% p.a. plus potential profit sharing depending on the unit class. The Invico Diversified Income Fund won the “2016 Fund of the Year” award within the “Diversified Mature Category” from the Private Capital Markets Association of Canada.


Nationwide IV Self Storage & Auto Wash Trust

The Trust has been formed for the purpose of indirectly investing in the acquisition, development and management of a combination self storage/car wash facility in Vancouver, British Columbia. It intends to do so by raising capital and investing that capital in LP Units issued by the Partnership, which will in turn use those funds to carry on the business of acquiring, developing and operating the combined self storage/car wash facility at the Development Property.


Newlook Capital Industrial Services Fund II

Newlook Capital is a private equity firm that currently has 4 industry-specialized funds available to the retail and institutional markets. Each fund has its own focused, experienced, and aligned management, and a defined strategy. Investing throughout Canada and the U.S. with a preference for companies that exhibit a solid tangible assets base, Newlook Capital is focused on and current holdings include; multifamily real estate and services in the U.S., industrial services in Canada and the U.S., dental practices, and QSR in Canada. Newlook Capital Inc. took the initiative to establish Newlook LP and indirectly controls its general partner.


Newlook Capital Dental Fund

The Newlook Capital Dental Fund is a trust that invests in dental practices in Canada, with a focus on operating efficiencies through quality management. Investors can participate via an investment in a debenture that is secured by the assets of the practices. The Fund pays a targeted 9% Preferred Distribution, paid quarterly. Based on management's experience, dentistry has high net margins relative to other healthcare industries, and with only 3% of Canadian practises being corporately owned (compared to ~30% in the USA), there is a consolidation opportunity available. The Fund has a 5 year term with up to two 1-year extensions. RRSP eligible.


Pulis Real Estate Trust

Pulis seeks to deliver value with the strategic acquisition and renewal of undervalued apartment buildings and townhome complexes. The company intends to operate in three key Ontario markets – Hamilton, Barrie and Kitchener/Waterloo.
Pulis acquires multi-family properties in these markets and immediately conducts renovations with the goal of increasing rents and property values. The intention is that the refurbished units are attractive to ambitious young adults, most of whom are new to the area and insist on a comfortable, contemporary lifestyle.

The company manages its properties directly to ensure that there is no wavering from the business plan. This approach overcomes challenges connected with the common practice of outsourcing key support services.

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