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The Pages channel operates the same as the News/Blog channel. However there is no summary field.

The pages channel is for entries that do not require a unique design like singles. You are also able to nest content by dragging entries on the Pages page.

Changing Layout

In the pages channel you have the option to use one of three layouts. The first layout does not include a sidebar and is the default. The second layout is similar to the first but includes a sidebar. The final layout has content with images alternating position similar to the homepage. You can easily switch layouts by clicking the dropdown on the right side of the publish page.

When changing entry types the publish fields will change and you will need to re-enter your content. The content from the other entry types is not removed it is however hidden.

Show or Hide the Title

On some entries in this section you may want to hide the title on the entry. You can do that by turning off the switch for Show/Hide Title