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Creating and Managing Users

It is important that each staff member who needs to update content has their own user account. Do NOT share login credentials.

There are currently two levels of access to the control panel. Site Admin and Content Editor. Site admins have access to more options than Content Admins including the ability to create users and change user permissions.

Create a New User

To create a new user go to Users and click the New User button on the top right.

Now Fill in their username, this could be firstname.lastname or email as long as it is uniquer per user. Optional fields are First Name and Last Name. Next add their email address.

Before submitting click on the permissions tab - once there check the checkbox for either Site Admin or Content Editor.

Once you have done this Save the user and they will then receive an activation email with a link to activate their account and set a password. The link is only valid for 24 hours.

Editing Users

You may need to edit user permissions if their role in the company changes or they leave the company. To edit a user go to Users and click on their name. You will then be able to change their permissions by going to the permissions tab as detailed above.

On the right hand side of each user is a gear icon. Clicking that gives you further options including deleting (permanent) and sending a password reset email.