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Updating the Home Page

To edit and update your homepage go to Entries > Singles and then click the Home entry. Here you will see various sections which you can collapse, disable, or delete by clicking the gear icon on the right side of each section.

You can also drag/drop the section up and down the page by clicking the upper right corner of each section.

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Each section provides options for section title, copy, image, image location, and whether to animate the image or not. You also have options for two Call to Actions (CTA)

Add as many sections or blocks as you need by selecting the block type at the bottom of these sections. The home page has two options Section and 2 Column Section.

Form Options

At the bottom of the home page there is a form. You can easily update the Form Title and Form copy with the next two fields.

Finally SEO fields which you can learn more about on the SEO page.