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Pinnacle assists you to understand your investment options and help you understand if diversification into private investments are suitable for you.

When making decisions we thoughtfully consider our core principles and strive for alignment between our interests and those of our investors.

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Diversification, Experience & Research

We understand that it can be overwhelming to identify investment opportunities and assess your best options on your own.

Pinnacle Wealth Brokers has reviewed hundreds of private offerings so you can leverage the industry experience of our team to make the most appropriate choice for your financial situation.

As at October 2018, see our current investment offerings below.

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Our Offerings:


Avenue Living Real Estate Core Trust

Avenue Living Real Estate Core Trust is structured to own an interest in the Avenue Living (2014) LP (the Partnership). The Partnership is a diversified portfolio of 6,100 multi-residential units and 48,000 sf of commercial assets totaling $850 million in assets under management. The diversified portfolio is invested across Western Canada in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.
The objective of the Trust is to provide income and growth to investors, and to optimize the Trust’s capital structure through the replacement of high interest debt with lower cost debt and additional equity.


Bow Water & Land Trust

Bow Water & Land Trust is an investment opportunity managed by Durum Capital Inc.(Durum).

Durum is a private real estate company based in Calgary, Alberta. Founded in 2012, Durum owns, manages and operates a portfolio of industrial and development properties. Since inception, Durum’s equity growth represents a total return on invested capital of 163% or an annualized return of approximately 30% per year.

What Is Bow Water & Land?

Bow Water & Land is an investment opportunity involving two distinct assets— the first being 298.5 acres of farmland located 6.4 kilometers west of the City of Calgary. The second asset is a prospective water allocation for up to 1,200 acre feet of water per year which is enough to service approximately 3,500 homes or 10,000 people annually. The prospective water allocation is nearly 10 times larger than the required amount for any future development of the land.

Bordering 1.6 kilometers of the Trans-Canada Highway and adjacent to Calaway Park, a popular amusement park near the City of Calgary, the Lands provide strategic long-term development potential as the City of Calgary and the surrounding communities continue to grow. Our land development project plan seeks to add value to the lands by addressing the four key components of the development planning phase, prior to any deep servicing costs. These key components include water access and treatment; wastewater treatment and disposal; road access; and land use designation & subdivision.


Clear Sky Capital Strategic Asset Fund

Clear Sky Capital Strategic Asset Fund – Series 5

The North Park complex was built in 1979. The Fund considers the North Park complex to be a Class B property. Located at 90 Northpoint Drive, Houston, TX 77060, in north Houston just 0.2 miles east of I-45 North, 0.3 miles south of Beltway 8/Sam Houston Tollway, and 1.9 miles west of the Hardy Toll Road. Pinto Business Park is less than two miles from North Park just across I-45 North from the property.”


DURUM Industrial REIT

Our approach is simple and always in motion; Durum, as the Manager, has a history of acquiring distressed assets and rehabilitating properties to generate cash flows which historically translate into capital appreciation. With the introduction of Durum Industrial REIT, Durum is welcoming external investment to share in the income produced through real estate investments without individuals buying or financing the properties themselves. Durum Industrial REIT has been formed with the objective of maximizing value for unit holders through the acquisition and operation of a portfolio of industrial properties. Through refinancing efforts, strategic acquisitions, and quality teams. Durum Industrial REIT intends to pay quarterly distributions while also creating potential for long term capital growth.


Equiton Residential Income Trust Fund

The Equiton Residential Income Fund Trust (“Equiton”) is a real estate investment trust that specializes in acquiring income producing multi-unit residential properties and student housing in Canada. Equiton currently targets properties within a 2-hour driving radius from Toronto, Ontario. Investors are projected to participate in the yield from the rental income and growth in the value of the underlying properties.


ICM Asset Management

ICM Asset Management is a registered alternative Investment Fund Manager (IFM) and Portfolio Manager (PM) focused on owning, operating and investing in real assets . We offer retail, private client and institutional investors an array of investment opportunities focused on real estate, private equity , private debt and infrastructure strategies.

Our goals are simple: We strive to preserve wealth and generate attractive risk-adjusted retu rns, while providing the highest level of client service.


Invico Diversified Income Fund (IDIF)

The Invico Diversified Income Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of high yield lending and investment opportunities. This uniquely structured portfolio encompasses active professional management and focuses on generating income through high- yield lending strategies, energy working interest and royalties. The target preferred return ranges from 8% to 10% p.a. plus potential profit sharing depending on the unit class. The Invico Diversified Income Fund won the “2016 Fund of the Year” award within the “Diversified Mature Category” from the Private Capital Markets Association of Canada.


Levante Living Trust

The Levante Living Trust (Levante) is an open-ended investment trust that invests in senior’s housing properties in Canada through Levante Living LP (Partnership).


The Millennium III Group of Companies

The Millennium III Group of Companies was founded 36 years ago to address the high barriers to entry of real estate investing. By facilitating collective ownership of commercial real estate through a limited partnership structure, we offer investors the opportunity to participate in real estate opportunities through partnership. Millennium III acquires and develops commercial properties with potential tax advantages. Investors, as part owners of a property, participate fully in the profit from operations while maintaining limited liability. The directors of Millennium III personally purchase partnership units in each project, reflecting our commitment to its long-term success.


NationWide II Self Storage Trust

NationWide II Self-Storage Trust (Trust or NationWide II) makes investments in self-storage facilities through NationWide II Self-Storage Limited Partnership (Partnership). The Partnership is a blind pool that will focus on investing in the acquisition, development and management of one or more self-storage facilities in the North American marketplace. The initial focus of the Partnership is on self-storage facilities located in Canada (and in particular British Columbia). Once the portfolio starts to grow and mature, the Partnership could expand into the United States.


Newlook Capital Industrial Services Fund II

Newlook Capital Industrial Services Fund II (Newlook II or the Fund) will invest subscription proceeds into Newlook Capital Industrial Services LP II (the Partnership) which intends to acquire a portfolio of United States or Canadian based industrial companies through buy-out private equity transactions.


Old Kent Road Income Fund I (OKR Financial)

The Trust was established for the primary purpose of acquiring Class A LP Units in the Partnership as well as limited partnership units in limited partnerships (collectively, the “Future Partnerships”) to be established under the laws of the
Province of Alberta, the general partners of which will each be controlled by R. Stewart Thompson and Dr. Jason Neale, the current officers and directors of the Trustee, the Manager and General Partner.


Pinnacle Absolute Return Trust (PART)

Pinnacle Absolute Return Trust (PART), managed by Pinnacle Wealth Brokers Inc., invests subscription proceeds into a pool of private lending investments. The goal of PART is to provide clients with income, diversification and liquidity by primarily investing in commercial bridge loans.


Pulis Real Estate Trust

Pulis seeks to deliver value with the strategic acquisition and renewal of undervalued apartment buildings and townhome complexes. The company intends to operate in three key Ontario markets – Hamilton, Barrie and Kitchener/Waterloo.
Pulis acquires multi-family properties in these markets and immediately conducts renovations with the goal of increasing rents and property values. The intention is that the refurbished units are attractive to ambitious young adults, most of whom are new to the area and insist on a comfortable, contemporary lifestyle.

The company manages its properties directly to ensure that there is no wavering from the business plan. This approach overcomes challenges connected with the common practice of outsourcing key support services.


Stone Asset Management Limited

Stone Investment Group Limited (“SIG”), via our wholly owned subsidiary, Stone Asset Management Limited (“SAM”) provides investment management services via distinctive investment mandates, overseen daily by the disciplined execution of a proprietary investment process and investment philosophy.


Swift River Farmland 2017 Trust

The Trust’s primary purpose and sole business is to use funds raised by it to acquire Class A LP Units in the Partnership, with the objective of generating returns to Unitholders. All or substantially all of the Available Funds of the Offering will be used to acquire Class A LP Units in the Partnership. The Partnership was established for the acquisition of Farmland Properties in the Lake Diefenbaker irrigation district in the Province of Saskatchewan, to provide secured loans to the JRSC Bean Programs to participate in the JRSC Bean Programs (if the Bean Program Election is exercised).


Temperance Capital Income Trust

Temperance Capital provides preferred royalty investments to small and medium sized companies that have a proven history of sustainable cash flows and stable operations. The preferred royalty investments are protected with governance, security provisions and rank ahead of equity.


Triumph Real Estate Investment Fund II

Triumph Real Estate Investment Fund II (Fund II) is the successor to Triumph’s first fund with a similar strategy. Fund II’s objectives are to acquire Class A and Class B commercial real estate assets that are diversified across the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario, and in the states of Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Washington & Oregon. Fund II believes an opportunity exists in the 'A' and 'B' quality markets where the pool of buyers is smaller and not as well capitalized providing for attractive property valuations.

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