Compass Newsletter April 2018

Clear Sky Capital Update

Clear Sky Capital has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Pinnacle Wealth Brokers for over four years. Pinnacle has raised over $100,000,000 in capital for Clear Sky offerings across seven invest-ment offerings, acquiring 7 multifamily properties and 34 car wash assets. Each offering has delivered a distribution each and every quarter, since inception.The first offering that Pinnacle Wealth Brokers launched with Clear Sky Capital was the Clear Sky Capital Arizona Realty Fund, which acquired Timberline Place Apartments in January 2014. Clear Sky Capital recently sold Timberline Place on March 12, 2018. Clear Sky is currently calculating distributions to investors which will be distributed within the next few weeks (anticipated to result in a double-digit annual return since inception). The target hold period for Timberline Place at the time the Fund was launched was 4-6 years, which the Fund was able to achieve by selling the property in just over 4 years.

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