Photo of William Vandermeer

William Vandermeer

Private Market Specialist Fort Saskatchewan, AB

William has always enjoyed working with people and strives to help them reach the peak of their financial success. He has a passion for helping people understand and grow their wealth and takes great pride in knowing a product or service inside and out before offering it to a client. William's interest in the financial industry began in 2008, starting with a personal investment in mutual funds. In 2009 he attained his life insurance and accident and sickness licenses, which he currently holds through National Best Financial Network. He also took several business classes from McEwan University, adding to his knowledge of the industry.

William got involved with Pinnacle Wealth Brokers because he wanted to be able to offer his clients more than what was available with traditional public market investments. Through these Exempt Market channels he is able to help his clients diversify their investments in the private markets.

William learned the ropes of small business and rental property ownership, by working with his parents who were heavily involved with both. He witnessed first-hand the flexibility of time enjoyed by business owners, and wanted this as an aspect of his own career.

Before coming into financial services William gained experience in the service industry, most recently as a bartender, allowing him to increase his communication skills with a wide variety of people.

When William is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He is involved in the community and spends a few hours a week volunteering at the Mosaic Centre in Edmonton, and as a counselor for a boys club at his church. William also enjoys reading, traveling and spending time outdoors, including skiing in the winter months and has recently picked up golf.

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