Photo of Peggy Pan, MBA, CPIM, PMP

Peggy Pan, MBA, CPIM, PMP

Private Market Specialist Markham, ON

In her career, Peggy has developed broad and in-depth knowledge in manufacturing, distribution, aerospace, and consumer packaged goods industries. A highly motivated and dynamic professional with an international business background, Peggy has assisted small to large sized companies in project management, business analysis, and strategic planning. She has also been successful in the field of operations and supply chain management.

Peggy diligently reviews offering memorandums and explains key points to investors to assist in their decision-making. Clients really enjoy working with her as she professionally presents products.

A typical day for Peggy begins with replying to emails, and then preparing for meetings & deliverables for the next a couple of days. Breakfast or brunch follows, then goes ahead with her meetings with clients. Most of her valuation and documentation work on the computer is done in the afternoon or evening. At the end of the day, after putting her kids to bed, Peggy reads news and articles. She also has 3 years relevant experience in business analysis.

Peggy is happily married and they have two children. During her spare time, Peggy loves reading and painting. Her dream vacation is to go to Prague. One more interesting thing about her is that she eats a heavy lunch.

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