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Pam Stewart

Private Market Specialist Ottawa, ON

Pam has been in financial services since 2005. She saw an opportunity to offer Private investments to her investors so they could add to their portfolio investments outside the public markets. She began her own investment company in 2005 and gained valuable experience in working with many types of investment opportunities.

Pam sold Syndicate Mortgage investments as a licensed mortgage agent from 2012 until February 2014.

Since February 2014, Pam has been registered with Pinnacle Wealth Brokers Inc. (Pinnacle) as a Private Market Specialist. She feels these investments offered by Pinnacle help her clients to create a more diversified portfolio, following the example of large institutional funds (CPP, OMERS, Yale, etc.) where they have a portion of their assets in private investments.

Pam was life licensed from 2017 to 2019 under the name Smart Alternative Investing, but has decided to concentrate solely on the investment products that Pinnacle offers.

Pam can offer a wide range of investment options to create individualized portfolios for her clients. She has referral arrangements with licensed life insurance specialists and Certified Financial Planners. She also has a referral relationship with Lonsdale, a high-end Discretionary Managed fund, where her clients can place the majority of their funds.

Pam and her husband Steve were married in 1986 and have three grown children. Pam continues to run a horse boarding facility, and enjoys horseback riding and walking her Portuguese Water Dog on their 42-acre property.

Pam can offer a complete portfolio solution, or clients can invest in individual products. She loves to educate her clients to help them find financial products that suit their specific situations. Pam’s highest priority is to understand her client’s needs, goals and risk levels to help them find a portfolio that is suitable for them. Her goal for her clients is to create long term wealth and greater diversification by placing a portion of their investment portfolio into Private investments.


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