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Michael Lautru

Dealing Representative Gatineau, QC

From an early age, Michael has always been in some way exposed to the services industry. With over 20 years as a professional in a variety of industries, he has developed very simple principles focused on creating lasting business relationships and memorable client experiences. Many of his skills were learned at a young age, through extensive travels across North America and France with his family, meeting individuals from all walks of life. As a consequence of these experiences and countless encounters, he has become a top performer in many industries including R&D for the RCMP and Health Canada, sales and business development.

Michael’s beginnings in the public eye and exposure to the various facets of client service started on the road with his father. Being a top ranked mover with an award winning relocation company, his father exclusively handled top tier clients due to his excellent business acumen and personalized service creating memorable experiences for a what is considered by most very stressful transition. From his travels with his father, Michael benefited from learning about many aspects of life, including finances, politics, business and client satisfaction. Many skills and principles he developed were a blend of watching his father develop relationships with top tier individuals as well as extensive reading, and long conversations with his father.

Further along his path, Michael had developed analytical skills studying and working in the science industry, as well as in business development and consulting. These skills allowed him exposure to various industries and ignited a need to know more which developed into a very deep curiosity for all things, most notably finance. Although having learned much from his father, books and having worked for a number of years in the public funds sector, he always looked for more. Eventually, finding his way into the private sector.

All of his experiences combined and passion for learning give Michael a unique perspective on many different aspects of the financial services industry. His passion for helping others in educating them transmits well and shines through with those around him as well as individuals that meet him for the first time. He enjoys building organic relationships with clients based on honesty, respect and a strong sense of integrity.

On a personal note, Michael enjoys a happy life in the Ottawa valley, with his wife and surrounded by amazing friends and a vast network of admirable professionals. He is an avid reader of things scientific and business related, as well as a big fan of movies, most notably sci-fi.

Michael is a strong believer of winning situations for his clients, and unless they do, his strong sense of integrity will not allow him to steer clients into less than favorable situations. It is this sense of integrity and never ending experiences that Michael puts to work for his clients to help them achieve their goals and their dreams. He looks forward to the privilege of helping you set and achieve your goals and dreams and watching you grow.

"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." —Walt Disney

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