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Maryel Neal

Dealing Representative Crofton, BC

Maryel started working in the financial industry after realizing that she hadn't equipped her homeschooled children to handle finances well enough. They started self-educating themselves as a family by reading books and having financial specialists come into their home for the purpose of instructing them. When she was invited by one of the companies to join in their training program with the purpose of becoming an insurance and mutual fund agent, she thought she couldn't lose - working with families one-on-one, making money and becoming more knowledgeable all at the same sounded like a perfect career. After working with that company for 8 years, Maryel decided to move her business to a brokerage firm so as to better serve her clients.
Then in 2008 the market correction had her looking for some way to diversify her clients' investment portfolios. She found that there were several products in the exempt market that would complement the funds she was already using and this brought her to Pinnacle Wealth Brokers. Liking the philosophy of Pinnacle and the due diligence they take when researching products, as well as the integrity of its leadership, she decided to jump onboard.
When working with clients, Maryel provides a very holistic service. She concentrates on positive cash flow, proper protection, debt and tax management, asset accumulation, and estate and legacy planning. Her clients appreciate having all parts of their finances working together to move them forward towards the goals they have set for themselves. Clients often comment that they appreciate how approachable she is, as well as the thorough service she brings to the table.

Typically her day consists of meeting preparation and follow-up, then going to clients' homes after work or in the evening. Maryel has especially enjoyed sitting down with entire families to strategize and organize their financial world for estate preparation. One of her highlights is when clients move from that place of total confusion around investing and money issues to the "ahhh" moment of understanding and taking charge of their financial future, and she finds this moment very gratifying.

Maryel has five children, all of them married, and fourteen grandchildren. Interaction and involvement in her grandchildren's lives has become her main focus. Three of her children live in other parts of the province, so it is becoming more and more important to make sure she takes time out to be part of their families' lives. She is also part of the "sandwich generation", meaning that both she and her husband, Tim, have aging parents needing input and assistance, so her spare time is very involved in all of these lives around her.

One of the little known tidbits about Maryel is that she was born and raised in Equador. Her parents were medical missionaries who helped open a hospital in Shell Mera to service the jungle region of the country

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