Photo of Mark Samborski, CFP

Mark Samborski, CFP

Branch Administrator | Private Market Specialist Collingwood, ON

Mark is known for his creative approaches to financial problems that delve into all lines of finance and taps every corner of the financial planning world to source the best solutions for the individual client. His dedication to educating and sharing his knowledge has been demonstrated with his passion in his 4 session class he developed on finance and financial planning. Mark's personal experiences with several family tragedies have made the planning and work that he does very real and he truly understands the real meaning and risk of the life we lead and how financial planning can work in conjunction along the way.

Mark's clients enjoy working with him for his personal and trustworthy nature which comes through from his caring about every person he deals with. Clients routinely comment that they really feel Mark spends the time and energy necessary to truly understand them and they were comfortable and confident with the solutions they implemented. Mark's clients enjoy understanding what they are working with as the tools in their financial plans. Whether those tools include insurance, investments, budgets or financial structures, clients enjoy peace of mind that comes with knowledge and patience. The true appreciation that Mark's clients show him is apparent as almost all of Mark's clients come to him via referral.

Mark and his wife Carmen enjoy the precious time they have with both Mark's Mom and Dad and Carmen's Mom. Mark's belief is time is one of the most precious resources we have and one of the most precious things we can give to another. Someday, Mark would love to do a world photography tour that would start with a safari in Africa, tour as many old world cultures as possible and end a time later in Antarctica. (#2016923D)

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