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Davis Zhang

Private Market Specialist Vancouver, BC

Davis Zhang has been in financial industry since 2005, and registered as private market specialist with Pinnacle Wealth Brokers since March 2011.

Before working as a private market specialist with Pinnacle, Davis Zhang was a Chemical Engineer in China and formerly registered as a Professional Engineer in Province of Alberta Canada. He participated and managed a variety of projects' development in Asia, Europe, and North America in areas of feasibility study, risk assessment and economic analysis. A successful personal real estate investment experience made Davis Zhang start his investment career in Canada.

Specializing in investments in the private sector which is an alternative solution for clients who want to diversify their portfolios to increase wealth. Davis provides free education to his clients to share the philosophy of award and risk in capital investment, securities structure, due diligence process, market study, current opportunities, and his personal investment experiences.

Davis has been;

  • Awarded Top Producer in 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018.
  • A finalist for “The CFA Society Toronto Outstanding Advisor Alternative Investment Award” by Canada Wealth Professional in 2015.
  • A finalist for “The Sprott Asset Management Award for Best Advisor – Alternative Solutions” by Canada Wealth Professional in 2016.
  • A finalist for “The Sprott Asset Management Award for Best Advisor – Alternative Solutions” by Canada Wealth Professional in 2017

Davis does his additional due diligence for the products he shared too after the products have been well researched by Pinnacle’s product committee; Davis provides all the services in both English and Chinese.

Davis Zhang has successfully mentored more than 12 people to become private market specialist. He supports his team members to grow business together by sharing his personal investment, his experience in the private capital industry, answering questions and organize meetings.

Clients enjoy working with Davis Zhang because his positive attitude, his knowledge in capital market, transparency, working hard, excellent customer service and knowing that clients' interest always comes first.

A typical day for Davis includes scheduling appointments, phone conferences, meeting with clients and going to gym.

Davis is married have two kids. When he is not working or spending time with family he can be found working out in gym, playing ping pong, and traveling. His dream travel destination is Hawaii!

Davis Zhang自2005年至今一直从事金融行业,于2011年3月起成为Pinnacle Wealth Brokers的私人资本市场专家。

在加入Pinnacle之前,Davis Zhang在中国是一名化学工程师,亦曾经是阿尔伯塔省的注册工程师(P. Eng)。他曾参与并管理了亚洲、欧洲和北美的在可行性研究、风险评估和经济分析领域的项目开发。成功的个人地产投资经验让Davis开始了他在加拿大的投资生涯。



  • 2011、2013、2014、2015、2016和2018年的Top Producer
  • 2015年加拿大Wealth Professional机构提名“多伦多特许金融分析师协会替代类型投资最佳顾问奖”
  • 2016年加拿大Wealth Professional机构提名“Sprott资产管理最佳顾问奖-替代类型投资”
  • 2017年加拿大Wealth Professional机构提名“Sprott资产管理最佳顾问奖-替代类型投资”





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