Photo of David Kozak

David Kozak

Private Market Specialist Winnipeg, MB

David started working in the financial industry in 2003 while attending the University of Winnipeg and has always been fascinated by the different strategies and ways to increase one's net worth. He loves sharing his knowledge with his clients and is always striving to offer the best possible solutions. As a result of searching for the best, David found that the exempt market offered a unique area of investing that satisfied his client's needs. His areas of specialty include alternative investments and insurance solutions.

David has achieved a level of trust with his clients by being straight forward, providing education in plain language and always putting the client first. David's favourite part of his job is developing relationships with clients and having some laughs with them along the way.

David and his wife Silvie have been married 7 years and just recently found out they are expecting their first child. While David still has a few months of spare time left and in his previous spare time he has enjoyed playing soccer, getting together with friends, cheering for his Leafs, and keeping up with technology. One challenge that he has coped well with is his night blindness that doesn't allow him to see in dim light and reduces his visual field. So if you see him bumping into things just point him in the right direction, or give him a flash light.

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