Photo of Darwin Gerber

Darwin Gerber

Branch Administrator | Private Market Specialist Calgary, AB

As a Private Market Specialist, Darwin spends a lot of time talking with and getting to know his clients so that he can better assess their investment needs. Clients enjoy working with Darwin because he's personable and genuinely cares about them as people. Most individuals appreciate Darwin's philosophy of diversification as a strategy to navigate the ups and downs of investing. A typical day involves checking for client communication, meeting with clients both on the phone and in person, and building value into Pinnacle as a company through due diligence and keeping up with the products so that he can do his best for his clients. Darwin continues to own his own business, his own real estate, and his own variety of investments. At one point, he had a partner who caused near financial ruin for Darwin's family. Darwin stayed true to his values of integrity, hard work, and diversification. Learning from past mistakes, he was able to rebuild within just a few years.

Darwin has been married to Tanya for 17 years. They have 2 children, Jonathan, who loves volleyball and academics, and Talya who loves theatre, sports, and academics. In his spare time Darwin works on his yard/garden, reads, and travels. Darwin's dream vacation is spending time with his family in a tropical climate, beautiful beaches, and lots of activities to do. Over the last 27 years has worked in developing countries to help the local people with access to better food, housing, and education. He strongly believes in creating opportunities for people to help themselves. With that philosophy in mind, Darwin and Tanya created a Foundation which later joined forces with Pinnacle Wealth Brokers resulting in the Pinnacle 20/20 Foundation (P2020F). To date, the P2020F has provided help for many Canadian Registered charities, has helped to build a school in rural Honduras, and assisted with medical clinics and agricultural research and development in rural Honduras.

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