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Darrell Schroeder, CFP

Private Market Specialist Saskatoon,

Darrell brings 29 years of experience in the Financial Planning Industry. His "client first" motto strives to match products and services to the needs and goals of his clients. Darrell's clients enjoy the fact that he listens to their needs and finds solutions that work. Darrell guides his clients in making well informed investment decisions. Clients need to understand where their money is invested and how that fits into their retirement planning.

Having witnessed the ups and downs of Mutual Funds, Darrell moved to Private Equity investing 12 years ago. Over the past few years there has been a lot of volatility in mutual funds. GIC's only offer a guaranteed loss in buying power. Thankfully there is a better way.

Private Equity investing allows almost everyone to enter the world of investing previously reserved for the wealthy and pension plans. Where do the wealthy invest? Real Estate and Business. These are hands on assets that remove the volatility of the stock market. You can "go and kick" these investments because they are real. Some examples are Commercial Real Estate, Rental Property, Land Development, Car Washes, and Leasing to name a few.

Pinnacle Wealth Brokers has given Darrell the opportunity to vastly expand the products and services available for his clients. Pinnacle has everything Darrell needs to fulfill his client's savings and retirement plans. The high level of product screening and due diligence adds to the safety level of your investments. Access to a variety of products adds the diversification needed to succeed. This also helps to lower the risk as you can invest in many different areas that are not related to each other.

Darrell also offers planning in the area of Life, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance.

On a personal note, Darrell is married for 33 years to the love of his life. Darrell is a self-described "Harley Davidson Nut". Thankfully his wife shares in his passion for the open road. They love travelling and exploring this great world we live in.

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