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Bill Janzen

Dealing Representative Calgary, AB

Bill comes from a farming and ranch background in the Southern Alberta community of Rosemary. His plan was to continue in agriculture after his time at the University of Saskatchewan. However Bill had a great opportunity to work with Farm Credit Corporation. Two years later another opportunity came along and Bill chose to join Cooperative Trust initially administering the Veterans Land Act (VLA Loans) for the Trust Company within the Province of Saskatchewan. Soon, Bill took on other challenges of residential and commercial lending, within the local branch, but in short order he moved up to Head Office, providing administrative and technical support for the trust company’s lending division.

Following several transfers within the Trust Company, Bill was appointed to focus on the trusteeship services and the company’s financial services division, assisting all branches with administrative and technical detail, which included many seminars for company staff, clients and company stakeholders.

Between these two terms at the Corporate or Head Office level, Bill managed several departments and several Branches in western Canada.

Following 29 years at the Trust Company, Bill joined a National Mutual Fund company and during the next 11 years built a respectable portfolio of mutual fund and insurance clients. During his time in the mutual fund industry, there was significant volatility in the public market. Clients became concerned, asking what other investments might be available with respectable returns.

Following some research, Bill chose to enter into the Private Market (Exempt Market). Now a number of years later, Bill has developed a significant client base, who invest in the Private/Exempt Market and also the Public market.

Bill points out that National Instrument 31-103 was introduced in September of 2010, necessitating all Exempt/Private Market Dealers and their Dealing Representatives to become registered. Key elements of this new regulatory environment mandated greater protection for investors. Although the regulations are onerous, Bill believes everyone benefits; Client, Dealers and Dealing Representatives.

Bill often sees that many people are not sufficiently diversified in their respective portfolios. Essentially, investors are heavily exposed to the public market and in most instances they are not aware of the opportunity the private/exempt market offers.

Did you know that several endowment funds and the Canada Pension Plan have a significant investment in the Private/Exempt Market!

Did you know that there are more small businesses in Canada than publically traded companies?

So, here’s your challenge, learn about Pinnacle Wealth Brokers and their current investment offerings that have undergone significant due diligence and in which you as an Investor can participate.

To learn more about Pinnacle, the Private/Exempt market and current offerings, Bill would enjoy having a conversation/coffee with you. Simply give him a call.

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