Darvin Zurfluh, CFP, FMA, RFC, FCSI

CEO and Chairman

As Founder and Chairman of the Board, Darvin brings over 19 years of well-rounded financial services experience. Darvin has many years experience in the exempt market, mutual funds, life insurance, mortgages, and over 14 years of experience in real estate investments. Darvin has a diploma in Business Management and has been committed to expanding his knowledge and skills in the industry. His devotion to excellence in the field has culminated in his designation as a Fellow of Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI); the highest honour in the financial services industry.

starting his career in the banking industry provided Darvin a solid foundation from which he was able to quickly and successfully transition into the investment arena and become the Top Canadian Senior Financial Producer for a large insurance firm.

Darvin was a pioneer in the industry; bringing the first sizeable exempt market distribution channel in Western Canada. Known as Alberta Land & Investment Brokers, this company was recognized as Alberta’s fastest growing company in 2010 by Alberta Venture (under $20 million category). With the welcomed changes to market regulation, Darvin realized that he would have to make a very serious commitment to the industry if he wanted to provide investment brokers and investors with better service. With his daring vision and formidable knowledge of the field, he formed Pinnacle Wealth Brokers Inc. Pinnacle is a founding member of the National Exempt Market Association, where Darvin is on the board as an active Director.

Darvin is a fourth generation Albertan and resides in Calgary with his wife Kim and four children. He enjoys water sports, hockey and skiing.

Pinnacle is a values and purpose driven organization. We value respect, integrity and commitment above all else, and it shapes the way we work and why we work. Pinnacle has carefully selected our head office team based on their passion and enthusiasm for the industry, as well as their experience and expertise.

Pinnacles’ overriding goal is to provide “attractive risk adjusted returns” for its clients. Pinnacle selects issuers only after material due diligence to ensure integrity, and provide transparency into the nature of the investment as well as the associated risks.

Pinnacle works with their Dealer Representatives to be able to offer excellent investment advice to their clients by providing ongoing professional development, product and issuer training, conferences, webinars and conference calls. Representatives can focus on their client relationships because they have a team of experts and administrators to rely on. This team works hard to make sure there is less administration and paperwork burden for their Representatives so they can spend more time giving good advice to their clients.


Our dealer representatives are located in Nova Scotia to Vancouver Island. Find a representative in your area and contact them today.

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Darvin Zurfluh

Darvin Zurfluh, CFP, FMA, RFC, FCSI

CEO and Chairman

Email darvin.zurfluh@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(780) 974-7828
Brian Koscak

Brian Koscak

President, Cheif Compliance Officer and General Counsel

Email brian.koscak@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(403) 589-9609
Lloyd McDonald

Lloyd McDonald

Vice President, Business Development

Email lloyd@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(780) 932-2011
Wes Mills

Wes Mills, B.COMM, MBA, CFA

Cheif Investment Officer

Email wes.mills@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(416) 716-4141
James Jung

James Jung, CFA, FRM, CPA, CMA

Managing Director, Head of Corporate Finance

Email james.jung@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(403) 465-4553
Carolyn Seaforth

Carolyn Seaforth

Vice President, Bussiness Development - Ontario

Email carolyn.seaforth@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(416) 399-8294
Davis Zhang

Davis Zhang (张文博)

Vice President, Asian Division

Email davis.zhang@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(403) 604-8789 | 1(778) 986-1918
Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards, BBA, CA, CFP, CLU, TEP

Board Member

Email michael.edwards@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(902) 456-1114
Collin Goes

Collin Goes, CPA, CA

Corporate Controller

Email collin.goes@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(855) 628-4286 ext. 718
Deborah Workman

Deborah Workman

Compliance Manager

Email deborah.workman@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(403) 477-5531
Elaine Fong

Elaine Fong, CFP, FSCI ®

Manager, Risk & Asian Division

Email elaine.fong@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(855) 628-4286 ext. 704
Robert Hawkes

Rob Hawkes, CFP

Compliance Officer

Email robert.hawkes@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(905) 691-4001
Alisa Drozdova-Martin

Alisa Drozdova-Martin

Verification & Compliance Administrator

Email alisa@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(403) 618-2312
Michelle Atkinson

Michelle Atkinson

Verification & Compliance Administrator

Email michelle.atkinson@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(403) 690-4812
Luciana DeMelo

Luciana DeMelo

Compliance Administrator

Email luciana.demelo@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(403) 827-7071
Cassandra Kinsella

Cassandra (CJ) Kinsella

Compliance Administrator

Email cassandra.kinsella@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(855) 628-4286 ext. 707
Jane Potter

Jane Potter

Authorized Firm Representative - National Registration Database

Email jane.potter@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(403) 998-4354
Sarah Ignacy

Sarah Ignacy

Issuer Product Coordinator

Email sarah.ignacy@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(403) 628-4286 ext. 721
Richard Ayotte

Richard JL Ayotte, BA

Internal Accountant

Email richard.ayotte@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(587) 353-2570
Michael Koziura

Michael Koziura

Research Analyst

Email michael.koziura@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(403) 477-6953
Michael Leong

Michael Leong

Associate Research Analyst

Email michael.leong@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(403) 608-8662
Jordan Selanders

Jordan Selanders

Systems Administrator

Email jordan.selanders@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(403) 837-5200
Karla Didluck

Karla Didluck

Manager, Fund Administration, Pinnacle Asset Management, a division of Pinnacle

Email karla.didluck@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(587) 578-8885
Jan Sarte

Jan Sarte

Online Marketing Specialist

Email jan.sarte@pinnaclewealth.ca
Mélanie Perreault

Mélanie Perreault

Pinnacle Compliance Officer for Quebec

Email melanie.perreault@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(403) 628-4286 ext. 714
Lindsay Walsh

Lindsay Walsh

Client Services Representative

Email lindsay.walsh@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(855) 628-4286 ext. 726
Kanyinsola (Kanyi) Jinadu

Kanyinsola (Kanyi) Jinadu


Email kanyinsola.jinadu@pinnaclewealth.ca
Junye Chen

Junye Chen

Junior Research Analyst (Summer Intern)

Email junye.chen@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(855) 628-4286 ext. 727
Livia Kong

Livia Kong

Junior Compliance Administrator (Summer Intern)

Email livia.kong@pinnaclewealth.ca
Phone 1(855) 628-4286 ext. 725